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X vs Y: Flesh Hounds vs Seekers

In the Chaos Daemons codex there are two units which really give me a boner; Flesh Hounds and Seekers. Ok I lie about the Seekers, I do not think they are that interesting. I think they are ok so don’t get me wrong, just I see the internet saying how awesome they are and not a lot of people seem to give the Flesh Hounds a second thought. I think it is time for a deep look, return of the X vs Y! Flesh Hounds The humble Flesh Hound costs the same points as a normal Tactical Marine, you get a profile almost the same except WS5, W2, A2, LD7 and a might 6+ save. The Flesh Hound is also unit type beasts and beasts are pretty damn awesome in 6th ed. Naturally the Flesh Hounds have the daemon special rule so they get a 5+ invulnerable save and also have the fear special rule – also has the daemonic instability rule which means auto pass pinning, morale and fear tests, and if the Daemons lose combat the unit suffers one wound (no saves allowed) for every point failed leadership by. Do not forget roll a double 1 and all models return but roll a double 6 and the shit will really hit the fan. Flesh Hound is a Daemon of Khorne and has the furious charge rule and has hatred (Daemons of Slaanesh). Flesh Hounds also have the scout special rule 🙂 Only wargear Flesh Hounds get is the Collar of Khorne which gives

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