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New Tau Codex Unit Reviews – Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship

Continuing my seemingly relentless series of unit reviews we’re onto the much maligned Sky Ray. Let’s get something out of the way first, it’s by far and away my favourite Tau model and that includes the new Riptide. I never open my model cupboard without looking at it and smiling (OK that sounds wierd). For anyone who’s ever played EVE Online it makes me think of the Caldari Raven, not in looks but in how I picture it spamming missiles at enemies. Missiles are cool kids. Sadly for the humble Sky Ray, it’s been somewhat overshadowed by it’s brother with a bigger weapon. Essentially both are the same tank. Where the Hammerhead has a railgun (or ion cannon) the Sky Ray has 6 seekers, two networked markerlights (which are like gold dust now) and a velocity tracker.

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New Tau Codex Unit Reviews – Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship

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