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New Tau Codex Unit Reviews – Standard HQs

On Saturday I talked about the special character HQ options and for the most part my opinion was that they don’t offer enough over their standard version to make them worthwhile in competitive play. So what makes the standard options so great? Cadre Fireblade With an identical statline to Darkstrider but a better armour save, the cadre fireblades are already pretty good for their measly 60pt price tag. You still get a BS5 markerlight that can fire at a different target too thanks to the Split Fire rule. His Volley Fire makes him a perfect fit in a big unit of Fire Warriors too. Should you decide to keep things cheap and take a Fireblade and an Ethereal there’s the potential for one of your Fire Warrior teams to fire 4 shots each if they don’t move. Combine that with markerlights and there’s very little that can withstand that volume of fire. The drawback of course is that the unit has to stay still but depending on your play style that isn’t necessarily such a problem. Realistically though you’re going to want a Commander so you’ll have to choose between an Ethereal or Fireblade. The Ethereal may not do much as a model but the elemental powers have a bigger area of effect meaning a Fireblade will probably be second choice for most people

New Tau Codex Unit Reviews – Standard HQs

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