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Buying 40K Stuff on eBay (Rant)

Let me start by saying that this post is intentionally patronising. I’m also pretty sure that anyone reading this is unlikely to be part of the problem but frankly I just want to vent some frustration. Since the Tau codex was announced I’ve been on the look out for models on eBay to bulk up my existing force on the cheap. So far I’ve managed to get an old battleforce for £45 and a dozen kroot for £10. Obviously I bought the kroot first but the battleforce kroot will soon be going up on eBay. Other than that I’ve struggled. I’ve kept a search going for “Tau” for a few weeks now and I’m amazed by what I’m seeing. Several items go for far in excess of their actual value, new from GW. To me the point of eBay is to save some cash so it frustrates me when people are morons and bid more than something is worth

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Buying 40K Stuff on eBay (Rant)

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