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The Alpha Legiondary Journey Part 1: Evaluating Codex: Space Marines

Welcome back to the second article and the continuation of ” The Alpha Legiondary Journey “. Hopefully you have read and enjoyed Part I where I listed some of the goals and concepts that I’m shooting for with this series and as to why I will not be using Codex: Chaos Space Marines as the core for my Alpha Legion list. Evaluating Codex: Space Marines The Space Marines have been out for quite a while now and everyone and their mother are familiar with their pros and cons, their strengths and weaknesses. The tricky part is evaluating said characteristics and figuring out what can be applied to the Alpha Legion doctrine – what works and what does not. There is a caveat, however: Supposedly the 6th Edition version of Codex: Space Marines will be hitting the shelves by the end of the year, so this article may not be relevant for long. I doubt, however, that GW will tinker with their favorite poster child too much. Pros : Tons of incredibly flexible and customizable options, Combat Squads mimics the division of small, Alpha Legion cells, Combat Tactics can be a great bait-and-switch mechanic, many options to play with USR abilities such as Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Scout as well as the option of having your entire list Outflank. Because of Combat Squads and Chapter Tactics, there is a lot of strategy and trickery to consider before and during deployment, really allowing you to analyze the situation and change the way your army is split and deployed. Cons : Really.. not a whole lot

See the article here:
The Alpha Legiondary Journey Part 1: Evaluating Codex: Space Marines

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