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In it for the models or the game?

Games Workshop has declared that is it a company that produces high quality models and that the games Games Workshop create come second to the models. Even during production the models are designed first and then rules come after. Now we all got into 40k partly because of the attraction to models, after all Games Workshop produce some fine stuff. The question is do you play 40k just to look at pretty models or do you like playing toy soldiers? For myself I got into 40k as I like the game; the models are sweet, but I just love playing toy soldiers and making pew pew noises. What attracts me to 40k is the tactics side thinking where to move units and what to shoot at etc. In some ways 40k is like playing chess with Space Marines and trying to outwit my opponent or beat them down to skill is what excites me. There’s nothing more than a good hard fought battle which gets me going. Also the little child inside me just loves to play with guns and lazor beams. Reminds of days when playing with my M.A.S.K toys and Venom would attack Boulder Hill! Dastardly Miles Mayhem! The social part of 40k I really enjoy too, as I am quite a social and talkative person.

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In it for the models or the game?

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