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New Eldar Codex Unit Reviews – Troops

Continuing with the look through the new Eldar codex we’re onto the Troops seciton. Actually the smallest of the bulging FOC slots, there’s still 5 units to choose from here. Bear in mind you can look at taking wraithguard and wraithblades if you’ve gone for a spiritseer but I’ll talk about them in Elites. There’s also the small matter of the wave serpent…. Dire Avengers Rules aside, the biggest problem with Dire Avengers at the moment is the disgusting rise in price. They’ve effectively doubled in price now as you get 5 in a box instead of 10. They’re still a 4+ save and benefit from 18″ shuriken catapults which is a significant improvement over the guardian ones. That means Battle Focus can prevent them from ever being in range of an enemy who wants to charge or shoot two shots with Rapid Fire weapons. Strangely they also gained Counter-attack which doesn’t totally make sense for a shooty unit. Sadly they’ve lost the previous codex version of Bladestorm (I wish they’d come up with new names when they change a rule) which allowed them unleash a hail of fire in exchange for not shooting next turn.

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New Eldar Codex Unit Reviews – Troops

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