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New Eldar Codex Unit Choices – Elites

Onto the Elites section then. There’s 6 units to cover here and with the exception of the Harlequins they can all take a Wave Serpent which as I’ve already discussed is pretty deadly. Howling Banshees Always pretty weak in the old codex, Howling Banshees may be slightly cheaper but they’re still a waste of points in my opinion. On the face of it some fast moving I5 power weapons seem great but with S3 and Doom being less likely they’re perhaps slightly weaker than they were before. With only a 4+ save they really suffer from not having an assault vehicle and for that reason they won’t leave the shelf. Striking Scorpions Whilst still an assault unit in a shooty world, Striking Scorpions have a couple of benefits over their female cousins. Firstly their S4 which means they don’t rely on Doom so much. They also gain an extra S3 attack at I10 thanks to mandiblasters. Granted this isn’t as good as the extra S4 attack they used to get but it’s at I10 so against some opponents it’s better. The other advantage they have over the banshees is that they carry grenades.

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New Eldar Codex Unit Choices – Elites

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