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New Eldar Codex Unit Reviews – Fast Attack

Probably the weakest section of the codex but that’s often the case recently. Once again the aspect warriors are still nice models but with mediocre rules they’ll not see the light of day very much. However, this section does contain the only reasonable dedicated anti-air choice in the codex. Swooping Hawks The fun of swooping hawks in the old codex was dropping them in, pie-plating a unit then taking off again before any reprisals. They can still do that in the new book but as before it’s a case of whether you think the shenanigans are worth it. They have a decent amount of firepower but it’s only S3 AP5. The most interesting thing about them is their appropriately titled special rule “Herald of Victory”. With it they can deep strike without scatter. When you combine this with Skyleap they can be doing their grenade pack thing and in turn 5 drop in to contest an objective late on. They’ll be an irritation to your opponent but they won’t necessarily win you the game if it goes beyond turn 5.

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New Eldar Codex Unit Reviews – Fast Attack

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