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New Eldar Codex Unit Reviews – Heavy Support (Part 1)

Another packed section in this bulging codex with 8 choices for 3 slots in sub-2K lists. This is probably the most difficult section to choose from. Pretty much every option here is viable but some really stand out as excellent. I’d started this off as a single post but I’ve got too much to say about some of the units so I’ve split it into two. Dark Reapers Dark Reapers have always been great for dealing with MEQ with their long range S5 AP3 weapons. They’re far from cheap though costing a whopping 30pts each. That’s pretty high for a T3 3+ save model no matter what their damage output. They have the option to take what are essentially krak missiles too but that boosts them to 38pts a piece! They’re not awful and thanks to their rangefinders they can be the bane of skimmers and bikes alike. Sadly the suffer the same problems that Space Marine devastators do. They’re far too static.

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New Eldar Codex Unit Reviews – Heavy Support (Part 1)

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