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High Magic Lore attribute – rule conundrum waiting an FAQ

Had an interesting situation crop up while playing against Calebs Warriors of Chaos on Thursday regarding the High Magic lore attribute and how the WS is affected by the Mage leaving the unit. Situation was as follows: L2 with Phoenix Guard successfully casts spell from High Magic – L2 and PG get +1 WS L4 with White Lions successfully casts spell from Lore of Shadow and swaps places with L2. Now the question was – what happens to the +1 WS that the High Magic lore attribute grants? The lore rule states that “The caster and his unit get +1WS” Now normally the standard rules that cover Augments and Hexes would apply here but a Lore Attribute is neither an augment or a Hex even though it acts like an Augment.

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