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New Eldar Codex Unit Reviews – Heavy Support (Part 2)

War Walker Squadron If the wave serpent is the stand out unit of the codex then War Walkers are a close second. In the old book they were widely used as a means of bringing a disgusting amount of fire power to a flank near you. In the new book their role is the same but that fire power is much better. Whilst they may struggle from the lack of Fortune they’ve massively benefitted from the guardian BS/WS and initiative boosts. The changes actually make them fairly decent in combat but obviously it’s shooting that they excel at. For the bargain price of 70pts you get two scatter lasers. It gave me a headache when I tried to read the laser-lock rules to figure out whether you can use one to twin-link the other but let’s assume you can’t. Even without you’re still firing 8 shots and over a typical unit of 3 you’re getting 4 more hits than you did with BS3. That’s already something to be excited about if you’ve got a pile of these on your shelf but wait there’s more. Battle Focus applies to war walkers too and somehow they’ve got Fleet too.

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New Eldar Codex Unit Reviews – Heavy Support (Part 2)

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