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The Road to Blog Wars 5: Progress

It’s the evening of Tuesday 18 June 2013. I have three days to go before Blog Wars 5 and there’s a lot to do before the army is ready! The picture above was taken on the 1st! This post is going to be a brief summary of my progress to date, some of the techniques and materials I have used to prepare the army and my thoughts about what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. Pulling it together: The first thing to do is to get everything stuck together. For the new kits this is a lot of fun, but for the older kits some of the mold lines are pretty substantial. I took a production line approach wherever possible for this project, assembling everything in batches, tanks, piranhas, broadsides, riptides, drones, and finally the infantry models. Working on things in groups allowed me to mix and match between the sprues, taking heads from the pathfinder sprue and arms from the tank sprue for example. The firewarrior kit has really aged and after about twenty of these guys I became convinced that an updated kit would have been fantastic. Especially if it had been made to the same quality as the pathfinder kit which is an excellent example of what Games Workshop are capable of these days. This next picture shows where I got to at the end of my plastic gluing session on the 8th June. Out of shot the piranhas are mostly done and the devilfish and hammerhead tanks are drying

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The Road to Blog Wars 5: Progress

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