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Blog Wars 5 – The Aftermath (and 200 followers!)

Before I go any further I wanted to point out that at the start of the year one of my resolutions was to push for 200 followers. Well we’re about half way through 2013 and I’m up to 200 today!! I’ll have to look through my other resolutions and see how I’m getting on with them! Anyway, a big thanks to everyone who reads, the followers thing means more to me than pageviews so I really appreciate it. Blog Wars 5 was held at the North West Gaming Centre in Stockport today. We had new record of 30 players all competing for the crown which had been previously controlled by Andy Humphris. I knew we’d be having a new winner today and, without any further beating about the bush, I’m pleased to announce that winner as Franco Marrufo with his dirty, dirty broadside spam Tau and Eldar list. He never really looked in danger of not winning throughout the day but it would’ve been interesting to see him play Andy for it. Maybe next time eh? Chris Benstead took second with a Chaos Space Marines army that he hadn’t used before the day. Respect to Chris for that but it doesn’t say much about the rest of us! In third place was Rob McDougall who beat his good mate Frank Marsh by a single point.

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Blog Wars 5 – The Aftermath (and 200 followers!)

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