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My beef with Chaos Daemons

I have been upset with the Chaos Daemons codex since the book hit the shelves back in March. Yup I was one of those who spammed Flamers and Screamers and those units getting nerfed was well deserved, but they didn’t need to be hit that hard. Though this was one of the many problems with Chaos Daemons. Random is Random I know it is in the nature of fluff of Chaos Daemons to be random, but I really cannot be dealing with it. I find it makes games a lot more long winded as you have to make note of the random gifts you roll for and also random psychic powers – that’s two things randomly rolled for. I know you can remember the abilities easy enough, but when learning lists it makes it tough as you need to remember what model has what. I know you can just write them down on some paper etc, but I do not want bits of paper and other bits floating about while I am trying to play toy soldiers. It’s just another thing you have to remember about and it isn’t second nature like other 40k rules. Lets get ready to suuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccck it Because that’s exactly what the troops do; suck donkey big. All of the troops blow goats.

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My beef with Chaos Daemons

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