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Guest Article: Leaving 40k

Leaving Warhammer 40K Behind It’s the combination of model kits and the game that are causing problems with Warhammer 40K. £30 for a Tau Broadside or £70 for an Eldar Wraithknight is just the big ugly tip of the iceberg. And when a plastic character model costs £15, there’s something wrong with this picture. These beautiful model kits are definitely worth the money. But when you need 3 Tau Broadsides to make a unit, it starts getting expensive to build an army. I sold my Eldar army last month, because it was going to cost £200 to update it with new units that I needed to keep it competitive. I could have bought a new 1500pts army for that. So there isn’t a great incentive to buy all the options for an army, which brings me to my next point.

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Guest Article: Leaving 40k

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