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Review of my New Year’s Resolutions (early I know!)

Well it may only be June but, as I mentioned the other day, I’ve met one of my New Year targets by having more than 200 followers. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this blog. It’s especially impressive when you consider how wordy my posts normally are! Anyway, realising I’d hit that target half way through the year got me thinking about how my other resolutions were coming along. Attend More Tournaments Well so far I’m not doing all too well on this front. We may have been to the GW Doubles in January (and won it) but the only other tournament I’ve played in this year was Blog Wars 5. Obviously there’ll be Blog Wars 6 and the Doubles again in September but it’d be good to get to a few more tournaments in the next six months. I’ve been looking in various places across the interweb and I’ve struggled to find events that really appeal to me. Matt and I will, however, be attending a small doubles event at the Outpost in Sheffield on July 13th. There are still plenty of places left if anyone is interested by the way

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Review of my New Year’s Resolutions (early I know!)

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88 Comments for “Review of my New Year’s Resolutions (early I know!)”

  1. This is so nice of you to have a New Year’s Resolution.

  2. That is nice of you to have a new year’s resolution!

  3. It’s that time of year again. I’m not usually one to make New Years’ resolutions about us because I’m already perfect the way I am! No, seriously – just ask my wife! OK, so maybe there are a few things I can work to improve

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  15. My New Year’s Resolution is to have a healthy body but I didn’t even do that.

  16. Well congratulations, New year’s resolution is always renewed every year!
    We are all entitled to that. Cheers mate!

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