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My Top 5 Favourite Special Characters

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My Top 5 Favourite Special Characters

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40 Comments for “My Top 5 Favourite Special Characters”

  1. Amazing post and characters! I probably choose Grand Master Azrael.

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  5. My favorite is Grand Master Azrael.

  6. Nice article! I used to play this game and I love to play with Dark Eldar.

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  9. It seems we all have something in common and thats Grand Master Azrael!

  10. This is great! For my top 5 special characters: Eldar: Eldrad Ulthran, Dark Angels: GM Azrael, Tau: Comm. Farsight, Dark Eldar: Lelith and lastly Phoenix Lords: Jain Zar.

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  24. Gabriel Angelos all the way! Nothing beats those classic desktop games. They’re what got me hooked to the whole franchise! You’ll probably find me on my computer playing a custom game or two if I’m on a day off from Fencing Toowoomba.

  25. My only favorite character is no other than the Blood Ravens chapter master himself, Gabriel Angelos. The Blood Ravens were the first chapter I was able to play with, so they hold a special place in my heart. carpet cleaning toowoomba

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  27. I also have my favorite top 5 characters but for now, it goes in the movie HIMYM

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