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Converted Eldar Vypers

Just finished these little annoyances 🙂

See the rest here:
Converted Eldar Vypers

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24 Comments for “Converted Eldar Vypers”

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  12. I have a squad of 3. I’m only 4 games deep into 8th. My last game was against a buddy with an eldar army too, and we decided to both not go with alaitoc because he wanted to try ulthwe and well I didn’t wanna just cheese. At any rate, I went Biel tan, and went cannon everything on WS, guardian platforms, my wraithlord. Re rolling those 1’s actually I’d amazing good. So I was thinking, what if I load up 3 vipers with double cannon. I’m assuming consensus will be, I’m not winning any to tournaments. But does anyone have experience with vypers in this edition? If so how did they fair?

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