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Studio Project: Tau Empire

Copyright Michael Tang & Jia Cheng Wu – 2005 Work has begun on the 1st official Primarch Studio army! Our diligent crew is hard at work putting together three XV-9 Crisis Suits from Forge World and then moving onto a Tau Battleforce box set + 3 XV-8 Crisis Suits. The army will initially start out at 1500 points and then will be brought into the 2000-3000 point range, depending on the actual army playlist. Because I am an enormous Gundam anime fan, the entire army will be themed from the various Gundam anime series. I know others have attempted this before, however I know that Primarch Studio will be taking it to the next level! I will be putting up some WIP pics in the next few days of the XV-9 suits, followed by several graphics of which Gundams they are intended to be paint-matched to. Primarch is very excited about the army and hopes that you will be too! Contact us today if you are interested in receiving a quote for your next, or current, army to be painted by our skilled professionals. Army Philosophy The idea behind building a specific Primarch Studio army is three-fold: Show off the extraordinary skills of the Primarch Studio painters and assemblers to a larger public audience (both locally and through Internet forums). Have a finished army ready to be entered in local tournaments and paint competitions. Tau + Gundam = pure awesome! In all seriousness though, it is our desire to have a fully painted, high-quality army that we can tout around with us when we go to local gaming shops, attend tournaments and enter paint competitions with. The nature of the business results in most of our work leaving our studio, rarely to be seen again.

The rest is here:
Studio Project: Tau Empire

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