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Last Burst of Fire!

Past days have been having Games Workshop embargo news lingering on my mind. I guess from a business of point of view, I understand the business strategy. But from a collector, painter and gamer point of view, just felt a bit disappointed about not able to purchase GW products with discounted price in future. We will see how to get around this as things go along. Oh well, been busy with planning what would be my last big big purchase online before the deadline kicks in today 27 May 2011 from Wayland. This will be the biggest purchase I ever make in all these years of this hobby. Another decision been lingering in my mind, should I give up Dark Eldar, since I only started with Kabalite warrior and raider… or just burn a BIG hole in my pocket and whacked the planned list and everything. If I don’t get the Dark Eldar now, its gonna be more expensive to collect in future, or should I just forget it and save money. Sigh, blame it on the embargo news, that I cannot stick to my plans to buy and paint when needed.

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Last Burst of Fire!

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