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Warhammer Sale at Wargamers World

After selling Games Workshop / Warhammer products on Ebay for four years as epicwargames we decided the time was right to branch out and publish our own website to deal with the amount of products we have to sell. We offer a great service and with prices that will not be beaten by our competitors. We started the site three months ago and it has slowly begun to start getting filled with products. We specialise in old and OOP Warhammer models, Warhammer Bitz (new and old), Games Workshop Games spare parts (such as Space Hulk, b>Necroumnda, Bloodbowl etc).

We are hoping that our site will become a place where you come to look for that old figure or bit that you badly need – regular customers will be getting massive discounts off orders in the near future – up to 40% in some cases.

We are also going to have a full range of White Dwarf magazines not just for sale but also for reference as we are indexing them as we list them – and we actively encourage people to link in to these pages. The OOP (Out Of Production) Warhammer transfer section is nearly finished and will always have decals there for most armies.

Also we are planning on carrying a huge amount of other wargaming miniatures, books etc.

So come on over, join up and if you say you come from Librarium Online you get an instant 10% discount on your first order. Please remember that the site is new and is been stocked as fast as we can so if we haven’t got anything you want at this moment in time then bookmark us and come back each week and see our progress.

We are happy to help so if you have any queries, problems or suggestions.

Please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected]

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3 Comments for “Warhammer Sale at Wargamers World”

  1. I looked at your site but couldnt find anything in the 40k section to buy at all, in the bitz section I found some stuff but Im looking for battleforces atm.

  2. Hi MadCowCrazy, I have had to move the site over to a new host and a dedicated server – so for the past three months I have had to learn how to code in css/php as I wanted full control over my site. This has meant that product placement has been virtually non-existent in that time as I spent 20 hour days learning how to build and operate my own site away from the developers who mucked up the code on the original site. However I have finally completed the move and I am about to start loading in all the products so please keep a close eye on the site as it will be getting new product lines everyday.
    Hopefully I will have some battleforces stuff stocked soon

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