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Tyranid Slime

Well, a few people have asked me how I did my tyranid slime, so I thought I’d do a tutorial.

If you want to do a pool of slime, skip steps 2, 3, 4 and 5, and just pour the glue, and build it up in small layers, but it dries instantly with the spray, so it won’t take long.

1. First thing you need is this- Everbuild Mitre Fast JUMBO Bonding Kit – Adhesives & Sealants, Glues, SuperGlue

2. You then cut the top off the bottle of glue, and leave it for a few weeks(3 weeks is usually about right)

3. When you dip a stick or something in it, it should grip to the stuck, and rather than running off, should be quite rubbery, like this

4. You then attach it to where you want the slime

5. and drag in out, so it looks right.

6. spray it with the spray that comes with it. Done

Hope this helps some people

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6 Comments for “Tyranid Slime”

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  3. Wew! very nice output. Thanks for this

  4. I’ll share this to my friends, nice idea!

  5. Thanks for this tutorial. I am interested in making a slime.

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