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Painting Red Chaos Warriors

Step1: this is the heavy step, basecoating the whole model. The boots and the fur on the back are painted Bestial Brown (try keeping the black undercoat in the recesses in the fur). The armour is painted with Mechrite Red and highlighted around the edges with Blood Red. I have used Chainmail for all the metal (except for some rings and sword shafts which I have painted with Shining Gold). Helmets, bones, skulls and some armour decoration is painted with Bleached Bone. Threads and where they hold their weapons I’ve painted Vermin Brown followed by a highlight of Vermin Brown mixed with Bleached Bone. Gloves and Belts are painted with Charadon Granite. The inside of the cape I’ve painted Schorched Brown (I don’t want it to draw any attention from the rest of the model, thus a dark colour), for the outside I’ve used Graveyard Earth.

Step2: this step is easy, use a large brush and bathe the whole model in Devlan Mud. Don’t be shy here, but try some different amounts to see what you prefer yourself.

Step3: now for some highlights. Some of the highlights I did before the wash, that’s because I don’t want them to be too bright. In this step I’ve highlighted the Bleached Bone areas with Bleached Bone (and I’ve mixed in some Skull White on the very edges). I’ve picked out some metal details with Chainmail and Shining Gold. The fur is again painted with Bestial Brown and the outside of the cape is highlighted with Graveyard Earth.

Step4: here I’ve painted the shield hands with Charadon Granite, the inside of the shield with Scorched Brown and then I’ve washed the whole thing with Devlan Mud. This area is hardly visible, so don’t be too picky here.

Step5: here I’ve painted the shield with Scorched Brown and highlighted the edge with Schorched Brown mixed with some Bestial Brown. The mark is painted with Mechrite Red and the “nails” are painted Chainmail. This was all followed by a wash with Devlan Mud.

Step6: now I’ve glued the shields to the warriors. Then I highlighted the mark with some Blood Red. I’ve also finished the bases. They are done by first adding a watered down Charadon Granite followed by a highlight of Fortress Grey (the slate is Charadon Granite – Codex Grey – Fortress Grey – Devlan Mud). I also use dead grass and snow from Games Workshop.

OK! That’s all, hope you like it!

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22 Comments for “Painting Red Chaos Warriors”

  1. That cloak looks amazing! Good job & thanks for the tutorial 

  2. They look really nice! How much time did you use on these?

  3. The white helmets are a great choice for the scheme – they give a nice pop to the red/brown.

    I hadn’t considered white for Chaos prior to seeing these pics.

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  6. Wow – reading through this article I can see the effort and devotion to your craft. Keep up the good work. I know I don’t have that level of patience.


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