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Heresy Era World Eaters – Army planning

With the Thousand Sons out of the way and soon to be going up on the auction block, I’ve turned my attentions to my next Heresy era project – Legio XII, the World Eaters! After the last three armies being variations on Crimson and Gold, I thought I’d treat myself to something different. The white and blue of the World Eaters seemed like an interesting challenge – white being a color I’ve never been entirely comfortable painting. I’m planning on attempting some new techniques with alternate primer colors, zenithal highlighting and battle damage/weathering. Should be fun! My goal is to keep it of a reasonable size. The event next May for which this army is intended is currently set at 2000 points, so I am restricting myself to 2500 (to allow for some swapping out of units as the scenarios dictate). The army is designed around an “everybody in a transport” mindset, with 20 Assault marines in a Storm Hawk, 2 10-man Tac squads in Land Raider Phobos, and Angron and a squad of Berzerkers in “Ares’ Fury”, a fast, open-topped Rhino from the expansion pack (that should be fun to model). I’m gathering bits for the army currently and one of the main conversions I’m planning is that of Angron, the Primarch of the legion. I’d picked up one of the Kabuki models Berzerk Knights, but after seeing what one of my fellow Tempus Fugitives is doing for his version, I decided to try something similar.

Heresy Era World Eaters – Army planning

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