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Open War 17 Battle Reports – Tau Undefeated! (Part 2)

Yesterday was my birthday so I’m posting these a little later than planned. I got a bit carried away with the report from the first battle so I’ll try to keep the remaining two brief. Here goes…. Game 2 – Tau vs Imperial Guard Drawing the first game put me firmly in mid-table. I was worried that I’d meet something a bit off the wall so was pretty pleased to be facing Dan’s Imperial Guard. I’m always pretty confident against IG because I can usually beat them for both range and accuracy. Dan had 5 veteran squads in 2 vendettas and 3 chimeras with a command squad in a fourth chimera. These were joined by 3 Leman Russ and a couple of sentinels which would outflank. We’d be playing Dawn of War and Annihilation. Dan’s list probably edged mine for KPs but there wasn’t much in it

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Open War 17 Battle Reports – Tau Undefeated! (Part 2)

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