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How To: Sanguinary Guard Infernus Pistols

The new blood angel’s sanguinary guard kit is brilliant. Frankly, it’s worth picking up even if you’re not interested in collecting blood angels, like the chaos marauder horsemen kit, it’s just a great kit that produces easy to build and style miniatures that anyone can make look good.

But there’s a problem. The sprues only carry one infernus pistol! These nasty little weapons pack all of the power of a melta gun into a convenient wrist mounted pistol. Most people are going to want more than one!

Luckily the blood angels death company sprues include two of these weapons so today we’re going to show you how to convert death company infernus pistols for use by your very own sanguinary guard.Er, for Sanguinius!

For this conversion you’re going to need a death company infernus pistol and either a sanguinary guard plasma pistol or angelus bolter. Since we’re not plasma pistol fans here at GDMNW we knew ours would never see the light of day, so we’re using those. But the choice is yours.

Ideally you should use a hobby saw or a series of small cuts with a hobby knife to remove the front end of the plasma pistol. Be careful to avoid damaging the wrist mount beneath the pistol housing.

Next you need to cut away the plasma pistol housing itself. It’s best to cut through the pistol housing and then clean up the top of the wrist mount rather than risk cutting into the mount by cutting away too much at once. You want to leave a flat surface preserving the detail of the mount itself.

Next remove the infernus pistol from the death company arm. This is also best accomplished in two stages. First remove the hand and weapon at the wrist. This cut is easy to make as it is well away from parts of the model we want to preserve.

Second, cut away the hand and clean the area under the pistol housing and behind the heat sink. The designers who made the blood angel miniatures use standard pre-made weapons for all of the range so the death company infernus pistol is identical to the sanguinary guard one.

It’s a perfect fit.

At four cuts, some cleaning and two dots of polystyrene cement this is a straightforward conversion that meets the GDMNW standard for good conversions. (You can’t really tell that it’s been converted) When you put our newly made sanguinary guard infernus pistol next to the real thing you can hardly see the difference.

Here’s some we made earlier. With four of these vicious relics from the dark age of technology our sanguinary guard will be cutting through the oppositions tanks like hot knives through butter.

There you have it. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Tutorial provided by: Garreth at

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18 Comments for “How To: Sanguinary Guard Infernus Pistols”

  1. Excellent. Watch for my post on magnetizing your sanguinary guard.

  2. Wow…..I came across this article by chance and it could not gave been more perfect. I am currently building a 5 Inf pistol guard and I didn’t want to make these insane models look hacked up or half azz and you have saved me.

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  4. Any other kit besides these pistols?

  5. Excellent. Watch for my post on magnetizing your sanguinary guard.

  6. Amazing post! Thanks for the kit and the conversion of weapon.

  7. Excellent. Watch for my post on magnetizing your sanguinary guard.

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  9. Amazing pistol kit!

  10. Hey guys, I’m in need of some inferno pistols. I have a couple from Sanguinary Guard boxes I picked up but have kit bashed them making a moritat .
    I’m after another 3-5 but do not want to fork out money on GW box sets just to get the inferno pistols.

    Does anyone know of 3rd party equivalents, or bitz companies selling them?


  11. Wow! this is very interesting and i love how detailed you posted this.

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  13. I’m glad my son has reached the age where he knows it’s wrong to swallow toy parts! I’m very much looking forward to getting this for him now.

    Knowledge is power, guard it well.

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