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For Sale (Again): Winter Tau Empire Army

Hey guys, Just a quick update today. Everyone knows life has a funny way of changing things, and thanks to life, the gentleman interested in my Tau Empire army has delayed his purchase of the army. So its being relisted on the site in case anyone else is still interested in the army! Pathfinders and their Devilfish. 4 Pathfinders are metal, while the Shas’o is converted from the plastic tank driver. Kroot: the perfect meat shield for your suits! Hammerhead with Railgun and Smart Missile Systems; the Railgun is removable and able to be replaced with the Ion Cannon. FW Crisis Suit Commander with bodyguard and drones. The Commander’s weapons are all magnetized for interchangability! Fireknife Suits with Drones. Fusion suits with Drones. Piranha: Because high-speed Melta is always good! Broadside Suit. This was a refurbished model, hence the Missile Pod working as the SMS

For Sale (Again): Winter Tau Empire Army

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