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More Blog Wars 4 Updates

Thought I’d answer a couple of questions that have arisen this week. Before I do let me remind you that tickets will still be available until midnight next Saturday. This is also the deadline for army list submission. Maelstrom Games Collapse As you may be reading across the internet, Maelstrom Games has gone under. I wanted to get a post up pretty quickly to prevent any concerns that Blog Wars 4 won’t be going ahead. It is my understanding that whilst the retail arm of the business is going into liquidation, the Eye of the Storm venue is still trading normally. I want to reassure everyone coming to BW4 that their money is safe. If I’m forced to cancel the event because it turns out the venue is closing then everyone will get their ticket price back. Therefore if you’re having doubts about coming along because of the Maelstrom drama then rest assured that you won’t be taking a risk in buying a ticket! One final point on this. I’ve yet to clarify whether the venue still has a store attached to it.

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More Blog Wars 4 Updates

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