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Project Log: Scratchbuilt Titan 1

I like working with my hands, its one of my favourite things about 40k. I get to be nerdy while also having something “unplugged” I can work on. As a hobby veteran (I think I can call myself that at this point, I have enough armies under my belt). There is only one aspect of 40k I haven’t ever really experienced, and that is Apocalypse. But, I live near a decent game store and want to be able to throw down with their next apoc game. My Malestrom Warders (Astral Claws, Tyrant’s Legion, Lamenters) are going to be a combined force, but they lack a certain punch right now that I think could be made up for with a simple, singular centerpiece, a model that brings the army together. Of course, the only thing better than one centerpiece is two. I am planning to buy a Baneblade in the near future, which will serve as part of my Tyrant’s Legion, but I wanted something…beefier. Ah, that’s more like it The thing is…I don’t have the $500 it takes to buy one of these bad boys, so I’ve always just sighed and went about my business.

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Project Log: Scratchbuilt Titan 1

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