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Target Sighted Tournament Report – 3x1500pts – The Outpost

My highlight – more on this later. Target Sighted was a 3 game, 1500pt singles 40K tournament held at The Outpost in Sheffield. As I discussed yesterday the custom scenarios were a little open to abuse but what worried me more was that there were something like 18 players and I’d seen a couple of Daemons and Necrons power lists that I really didn’t fancy facing. Matt was his usual miserable self about playing those sorts of lists too. Frankly, I felt certain I’d end up facing at least one of them so was fairly philosophical about it. I’ll cover my games in three separate posts because all 3 (perhaps not game 2) were interesting and worth exploring further than I could do in a single post. The important thing is that Matt actually managed to win the tournament out right. Not only was he the only person to win all three games but he also got Bloodiest General netting him a total of £40 store credit! Now normally I’d be saying he was lucky, played some easy opponents or otherwise didn’t deserve his victory but sadly I can’t say any of that. In his first game he played another GK player who’d got paladins, a dreadknight, etc. Matt tabled him.

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Target Sighted Tournament Report – 3x1500pts – The Outpost

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