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Heresy Era World Eaters – Land Raiders Built

Heresy Era World Eaters – Land Raiders Built

The World Eaters army I have planned fields a pair of Land Raiders, mostly because I got a great deal on a pair of ’em on eBay a few months back. The pair of Mk. 1’s had been soaking in Simple Green and finally came out, so I set about repairing and rebuilding them where necessary. Once that was done I took them out and gave them their first passes with the three-stage primer method I’m experimenting with: This time around I kept the original lascannons that came with the kit, though I replaced the brittle and fiddly plastic arm with a length of brass rod and a little wad of greenstuff down inside the mount to really make it solid. The Lascannons always take the brunt of the bumps and scrapes, so the brass rod should be far more durable. Only one of the Land Raiders came with the original Heavy Bolters, so I swapped them out with the sponson Heavy Bolters from a Baneblade kit – the ammo feeds matched up almost perfectly with the grooves in the top hatch. Providence!

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