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    The Red Hat Brigade

    (Apologies in advance if this is a little misplaced. This is a kind of combination picture gallery/fluff summary/open question post)



    They say during the Heresy, there was a Rogue Trader who went by Lady Redcoat who scoured the galaxy in search of immortality. In her quest, she acquired a vast wealth of archeotech, and used to to outfit her crew with powerful weapons and armor the likes of which few regiments could stand against. Now, nobody ever said she succeeded in finding life eternal, but lately Administratum records are showing arrivals of mysterious, red-hatted troopers making planetfall on war torn worlds, fighting their way towards oddly specific locations, and unceremoniously departing. Did she really manage to find a way? Is a ten-thousand year old Rogue Trader still plying the stars? And if she is, what is she still searching for?


    (Lady Redcoat and her trusted Enforcers. When played as Imperialis Militia, the Lady typically uses a charnabal sabre and cyber familiar. The Enforcers use power weapons [typically counts-as power mauls] and hand flamers.)

    Lady Redcoat and her crew are well aware she is not truly immortal. Rejuv vats can help extend one's lifespan to well over a century, but the real secret is forbidden cloning and gene-crafting techniques, combined with archeotech that allows her to record and imprint her memories on a new body. She has 'died' countless times on the battlefield, only to be remade aboard her fleet. Whether or not her consciousness genuinely continues between each iteration is a debate for the philosophers.

    She is accompanied planetside by her trusty sabre, and a warp-spawned familiar. While Lady Redcoat has come and gone repeatedly, the familiar has always remained the same, seemingly attuned to the mind of the borderline heretical rogue trader.


    (Red Hats with enhanced carapace armor and Lasrifles [with Militia provenances these become S4, 30" Rapid]. The current models make good candidates for hotshot lasguns. However, the rotor cannons would have trouble fitting into any other army type.)

    (Red Hats with enhanced carapace armor and hyper-density slug throwers [counts-as laslocks, with provenances becomes S5, 18" Assault]. If armies are switched up, might consider using them as regular shotguns. The melta gunners wielding shields is more of a fluff thing: they want a little extra protection for when tanks explode in their face)

    Nearly all men serving under Lady Redcoat were distinctive hats, and are taught that these articles denote their superiority over outsiders. It is unfortunately common, then, that her soldiers treat other humans as mere tools to be used and discarded or obstacles to be overcome or destroyed. Few planets play host to Lady Redcoat more than once, as her crew take as they please.

    Initiates, Abominations, Artillery, and Miscellany

    (Initiates with flechette launchers. These fellows are made using Wargames Factory generic troopers, third party heads [maxi mini, I think?], and skitaari guns/arms. In Militia, they run as basic lasgun squads with carapace armor and shotguns)

    (Gene-crafted abominations. Quite obviously rat ogres. I typically run them as ogryn in Militia, though I'd strongly consider running them as spawn in LatD.)

    (Basalisk emplacements [top] and artillery batteries [below]. The larger batteries were originally used as Saber defense platforms, but currently have no use. The smaller ones are used to represent Thudd Guns.)

    (Loads of Sentinels. I like how cheap they are, and couldn't resist getting a whole squad of six. In Militia, the fast attack slot doesn't get much use, otherwise.)

    (Mosquito Jet Fighter [counts-as Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter in Militia]. This one I'm rather proud of, if only for making the Storm Talon look a bit more respectable.)

    A Stormlord tank and multiple Leman Russes in non-matching but generic enough paint schemes. Two Arvus Lighters. One Valkyrie in in a similarly mismatched but generic enough scheme.

    A Baneblade/Shadowsword kit. Still debating which kind of tank I should build.
    So now that I've laid most of the pieces, the question I wish to pose is what army do I want to continue running this all as?

    I'm currently running them as 30k Militia with the Dark Age and Chem-Jackers provenances, but it would be nice to use a more up-to-date (and less typo-riddled) codex to gel a little nicer with the current 40k environment. I could also use a little more versatility in my list-building. As it stands with the 30k rules, my options boil down to 20-man squads backed up with slow-moving tanks and stationary artillery - but I play nothing but Maelstrom of War with my group, and of course every draw is objectives on the far end of the table when it's not objectives that are downright impossible within the parameters of the game and my army.

    So, to reiterate things from my 'Which Army' post, here's a short list of what I hope to get out of an army selection:
    - Reuse of most if not all current models I have - I've also played traitor-guard and CSM for the longest time, and have plenty of other models from them I can list if anyone requests it
    - Carapace or power armor - This more ties in with the point above, given all the scout bodies I'm using. I would not want to run them as anything worse than a 4+ save if I can help it. The Initiates can run flak armor if it comes to it.
    - Easy learning curve, forgiving tactics - I play against people who pour over the meta and do pretty deep research into their lists, whereas I focus on the hobby end of things, which usually saddles me with cobbling together a list minutes before a game and not knowing entirely well what everything should be doing.
    - Relatively elite, semi-low model count - What I have pictured above for the whole army is about as much as I'd be willing to get out for a single game, and even that probably falls well short of the 2000 point minimum my usual opponents insist on playing. Having to keep track of so much can be a little stressful, and that tends to hurt my focus on effective strategy.
    - Mobile, Versatile - Having a static army stinks in Maelstrom. I need more means to get to objectives beyond waiting for a flying box to drop troops off at turn 3-4 at the earliest.

    That all said, there's a couple of options I've already considered, and some that others have already brought up:
    Tempestus and Astra Militarum, focusing primarily on Tempestus
    + Stormtroopers make excellent use of Red Hats
    + Mobile and Versatile
    + Allied/Main AM can use Veterans with shotguns and carapace armor for Initiates
    + Forgeworld supplements will make use of artillery and additional vehicles
    - Heavy Tempestus list is not forgiving
    - Will have trouble filling out larger lists without taking infantry blobs
    - Abominations get no use, though that's a relatively small loss
    - Already played Imperial Guard for the longest time
    Inquisition, with allied Astra Militarum or allied Inquisition for more slots
    + Highly customizable henchman, as well as additional options to fill in tactical gaps and provide more modelling opportunities
    + Highly customizable Inquisitor option could create better 'character' status for Lady Redcoat
    + Rhino and Chimera transport options
    - Does NOT scale well without going unbound. Inquisition just doesn't have the slots to fill out points with henchmen.
    - Bolter options on Acolytes would require major remodelling
    Counts-as Sisters of Battle
    + 3+ armor aplenty
    + Good BS and extra abilities
    - Not familiar with their rules
    - Use of existing vehicles would necessitate allied AM
    - Acts of Faith would be hard to justify for mercary warband
    Lost and the Damned - Bloody Handed Reaver option
    + Nearly every model I currently have can be used with LatD
    + Boody Handed Reaver provides carapace armored veterans with hot shot lasguns in chimeras with autocannons.
    - Still does not provide much more mobility over Militia
    - Actual commander 'character' is still very weak on the table, and accompanying squad feels extraneous (though I might consider bloating it up to the full 15 with shotguns and carapace armor just to footslog around the board)
    - LatD banks on massive hordes to be truly effective
    30k Militia - Stay the Course
    + Nothing changes - no models need to be swapped out to adapt to new rules
    + Decent, plentiful infantry with Dark Age provenance
    + Artillery pieces are included in main list
    - Nothing changes - no new strategies can be developed without new rules
    - Still somewhat horde-y
    - Limited options can be tactically crippling
    I think that's quite enough for now. I'd like to hear anyone else's input on the matter. I've wracked my brain over this for a while now, and I'm hoping someone can point out something that I haven't thought of before.

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    Don't all crowd in at once... I mostly pose this question with the intent to try and pick something that's a little more 'supported' in 40k. The 30k militia is nice and all, but pretty much anyone outside my immediate circle of friends seems befuddled when I introduce them to the idea that there was a non-space marine army among the Horus Heresy rules, and even my friends get rather confused by them.

    Another option I forgot to mention was scout-heavy space marines to make use of the many carapace-armored models I have. However, that runs into a similar issue with the Sisters, in that the infantry is about the only thing that carries over.

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    OP thanks for posting.. that's just amazing! I even envy a bit *goes and takes anafranil*
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