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    New Space Marine player couple questions about my frist army

    Hey everyone!

    I'm new to Warhammer 40k and I think I narrowed down my first army to space marines but now there are so many chapters. I like the Loyalist 1)salamanders, 2)space wolves, 3)blood angels. Then from the traitor side I like 1)Alpha Legion 2)Emperors Children). Could someone give me some insight on the playing style of each chapter? I have been on google for a very long time and can't seem to find a complete layout. I enjoy the aesthetics of all 5 so I'm really just looking for information on the differences/similarities. I have ordered the Imperium 1 and both space marine/chaos space marine codex but they wont be here till monday. Any help would be awesome (also how do i purchase salamander or alpha legion specific figurines? I can only find a few types of chapters on the website).

    Thanks, guys!

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    Welcome to the forum and 40k

    There are few dedicated Alpha legion and Salamander models. They are just made using the generic Chaos/Marine models painted their particular colours. You'll only find the named characters get their own models.

    Space Wolves and Blood angels are both quite hard hitting in assault but Blood Angels tend towards the more fast moving assault marines where as the wolves get funky things like Thunder wolf cavalry but they don't have access to other things like Storm Ravens. They can both be made to be shooty but they excel in combat. Same with Chaos Marines really. Salamanders play like any normal marine army really but their theme is just a hell of a lot of Melta and flame weapons, they excel is the close ranged fire fight. I can't really comment on the Chaos Marines as I'm not a Chaos marine player but Infiltrating Cultists is quite a fluffy and nasty trick the Alpha legion can pull off.

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