The unthinkable has happened in Remas. Over the history of this fair city, numerous would be tyrants have risen and fallen in their bid to capture an unbreakable hold upon the city state. Always the various power blocks within and without the city have conspired to topple these threats to their own hegemony. Today these efforts can only be read in the history books as that which was once true, for through guile, deceit, military brilliance and wisdom one statesman has unthinkably united the finest fighting units in all Tilea and beyond, and finally secured what all in Tilea believe to be an unshakable status. General Iulius Caesario Magnus is now the defacto dictator of Remas at the head of a veteran army never before seen, and he is only getting started.

The Republican Army of Remas
Army Commander: Consul et Dictator in Perpetuum Iulius Caesario Magnus (Foundery Caesar Mounted General)

Legio I
General: Legatus Marcus Antoninus Marmilio
Augur Lucius Arbutius Bibulius (Mage)
Ricco's Republican Guard (40 man unit phalanx)
Vespero's Vendetta (20 light skirmishers)
Voland's Venators (10 horse heavy cavalry)
3 Bronzino's Galloping Guns

Legio II
General: Legatus Titus Labininius
Leopold's Leopards (40 man unit phalanx)
Braganza's Besiegers (20 Heavy Crossbowmen)
3 Bolt Throwers

Legio III
General: Gnaeus Domitius Calvuto
The Alcatani Fellowship (40 man unit phalanx)
The Marksmen of Miragliano (20 crossbowmen)
Estalian Swordsmen (20 foot swordsmen)
2 Catapults

Legio IV
General: Publius Cornelius Sulla
Augur Decimus Aemilius Macro (Mage)
Pirazarro's Lost Legion (40 man unit phalanx)
Estalian Gunners (20 handgunners)
10 Heavy Cavalry (10 empire cavalry models)