The Lustvipers, Warriors of Slaanesh. - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Lustvipers, Warriors of Slaanesh.

    They come from many lands. They are united by the darkness writhing with hideous intent within their souls and their praise of the Daemon god Slaanesh. They desire all possible and only pleasure and the gratification of their own foul urges. Nothing is safe from their lewd attention, not man or beast, alive or dead, good or evil. Of their families few have survived the unnatural pleasures these beasts of humanity sought in their company. Those that did have never found the warmth of hearth and home to have the promise of safe kinship it once did.

    The members of this host are driven creatures. Driven from civilisation as their careful flirting and lewdness has eventually broken down into vile and horrific depravity. Filled with their enjoyment of their own disobediences and crimes they are driven on through the wilds and beyond by their monstrous lusts. They revel in their unnatural urges as they are compelled to countless and needless crimes and offences against all morals and sane enjoyments, indeed there is no foul act of which they are incapable. These depraved lunatics seeking out humanity of all kinds for pleasures and for fresh human meat to devour.

    These flesh seeking monsters of men and women despoil all in their path regardless of place and circumstance. Even worshipers of the other dark gods are not safe from their loathsome intentions and so only those with the favour of Slaanesh can find any form of true kinship with them. Truly they will seek out the hosts of their god's rivals to destroy them, seeing the servants of Khorne as heretics beyond forgiveness as fervently as the most pious holy man. Yet they fall on one another when no other can be found to sate their grotesque joys, violating and mutilating each other. A testament to their depravity is to see that are willing to become sacrifices to the one another's desires. Their devotion to Slaanesh in not only the pursuit of pleasure but in it's creation makes them one and all willing sacrifices, even embracing the mind-blasting fate of spawndom with wilful, rampant desire. The final words heard by many of their victims is the warcry of this obscene host, ​flesh for Slaanesh!

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