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    Magic, Allies, Augment, Friendly...

    Hello,I'm going to start playing an army of Chaos Warriors allied with Dwarfs. All my dwarf miniatures are classic Citadel/Marauder Chaos Dwarfs I collected back in the early nineties so they look like they belong on the same side, but because I'm using the new Dwarfs army book I'm abiding that they must act as Desperate Allies.

    My question comes about regards Augment spells; Specifically I want to know if my Chaos Sorcerer can cast Lore of Metal's "Enchanted Blades of Aiban" on Dwarf units?
    I know Desperate Allies cannot count as 'Friendly Units' for spell casting. However, nowhere can I find it actually stated that Augment spells can only be cast on Friendly units. I can find where the rulebook says Augment spells cannot be cast on Enemy units and I can find places where it says a Mage casts on his Allies. Otherwise there's just the term 'target'.

    Now, even if I was a heavily armoured, walking slaughterhouse, I'd be nervous about a Chaos Dwarf with a cannon behind my back, but as the controlling player, I and my opponent know I'm not going to betray myself. So in the spirit of the game, what do you think? Can my organ gun and quarrelers get +1 to hit from a Tzeetch Sorcerer?

    Nick Brook.

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    Desperate Allies, 2nd Paragraph, 1st Sentence, pg138:
    Units in your army treat desperate allies as enemy units that cannot be charged, shot, or targeted with spells
    Augments cannot target Enemy Units (Destperate Allies count as Enemies) and Desperate Allies cannot be targeted with Spells at all. So the answer is 'no', twice over.

    However, if you own Chaos Dwarfs, you need to find the Forgeworld 'Tamurkhan' book. It includes the new, legal, Chaos Dwarf list, and rules for included Chaos Dwarfs in your WoC army. There is no need for special Alliance rules at all - they just slot right into the armybook and won't turn on you. Most players will not allow Allies in a regular game, much less Desperate Allies (this isn't 40k, and we don't want it to be 40k, because 40k is a fiasco). By extension, they often aren't too happy about allowing Tamurkhan allies (only the Chaos Dwarf solo list is usually 'Tournament Legal'), but GW's "Warrior's Code" for GW events and standard games does allow the Tamurkhan book in entirety, including Grand Armies and the Chaos Dwarf*WoC alliance rules. It does not allow for Allies except by way of Scrolls/Pacts.
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