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    Make way and challenges

    I just played a VC vs Lizards game with my girlfriend and a few things came up and I wondered what you guys thought about them.

    If an enemy unit is charged from both the front and rear and they then refuse a challenge can the character that refused be killed by the rear unit as he is moved to the back rank and now in base contact with said unit?

    In the same vein,
    "Make way" says, "At the start of the combat, if the character's unit is in combat, but the character is not in base contact with the enemy, the controlling player can swap his position with another model that is in base contact." So if the character IS in base contact with a unit that charged it from the front then that character would not be allowed to fight a unit that charges its rear right? If that is correct then would refusing a challenge and being moved to the rear rank be a legal way to get that character from the front to the rear?

    Challenges say "one per combat" so does that mean that when my zombies and black knights are fighting her saurus my wight king can make two challenges if she should refuse the first and can challenges be issued in subsequent turns or does "one per combat" mean until one side is completely destroyed?

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    If you are charged in the rear, then yes - Refusing a Challenge will put you into base contact with the enemy.
    Remember however, that a model who refuses a challenge cannot fight in the combat phase, and the unit cannot use his Leadership. So while it could be thought of as an alternative to 'Make Way,' it won't have the same positive effects.

    Challenges can be issued each round, but only one challenge can be issued. So for Round 1, your Wight could issue a challenge. If she refuses, you send one her characters to the back (remember: you pick, not her). On her turn (Round 2), she gets issue a challenge against you. If she chooses not to, then you have the opportunity to issue a challenge for the round.
    The controlling player always gets first pick when it comes to issuing a challenge, but if they "pass", then the other player can choose to issue one during the round.
    "One per combat" simply means that you couldn't issue a challenge with your Wight and your Vampire in the same round.
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