Hi guys so here is the finalised list for mine and my wifes Battle brothers tournement.



Damsel lvl 2 warhorse (beast or life thoughts?)
Total 115pts

BSB Barded stead, enchanted shield, dawn stone
Total 109pts


13 Knights of the realm Standard banner of eternal flame (damsel and paladin go here)
Total 338pts

15 Knights errent Standard errentry Banner
Total 334pts


Treb xx

Total 986 Thoughts on last 10pts ?

Tomb Kings


Liche priest level 2 5++ ward thing
Total 135pts

Tomb prince Enchanted shield
Total 105pts


48 skeletons spears (prince and liche go here making 50 10x5 also a 6 plus regen and ws 5) standard champ
Total 260pts


28 tomb gurad halbards standard (7x4)
Total 346pts

3 ushibti xxx

Total 996pts

So as noted not sure what to do for 10 pts guess give BSB a magic weapon. Lore again not so sure think in a low points game beast might be good/better than life. my guys are on the left flank 2 big blocks in the middle and ushbati on the right with trb in behind where it has best line of sight the big blocks of nights will duel charge whilst skeles hold things in place we have trialed this in a 500pt each games with some success we play more for fun but try to be a little competive so thoughts thoroughly appritiated