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    Bretonnians, Friendly 2500

    So when we started talking about doing ToXG for fantasy (have just finished one for 40K) I was pondering what to do and borrowing a mates book I sketched up a list even though I settled on Dwarfs for ToXG instead.
    So what do you say?

    11 Knights of the Realm
    Musician and Standard Bearer Banner of Swiftness

    Level 4, Lore Life, Bretonnian Warhorse, The Silver Mirror, Crown of Command

    9 Knigths of the Realm
    Musician and Standard Bearer with Gleaming Pennant

    5 Knights Errant
    Standard Bearer with Banner of Eternal Flame and Musician

    12 Peasant Bowmen Brazier

    11 Peasant Bowmen
    Brazier, Skirmishers,Vilean, Standardbearer and musician

    Level 2, Beasts, Dispell scroll

    3 Pegasus Knights

    10 Grail Knights
    Standard Bearer and Musican Banner of Chalons

    On Bretonnian Warhorse, Grail Vow, Virtue of the Joust, Grail Shield, Dragonbane Gem and Heartwood lance

    Grail Vow, Virtue of Heroism, Warhorse, War Banner

    Questing Vow, The Virtue of the Ideal, Greatweapon, Charmed Shield, Gauntlet of the Duel Riding a Royal Pegasus

    The idea is pretty simple...
    Larger lances of Grails and KotRs do the heavy lifting, Smaller KotR lance either holds of support units or gives aid to the bigger KotR lance.
    KEs acts as chaff clearers, alternatively hunts Regenerating monsters. Pegasus Knights deals with Warmachines and gives flank/rear charges and Pegasus paladin finds someone who doesn't want to duel and slaps them in the face with a glove.
    The bowmen without Skirmish just straight up shots at things, the other protects the Damsel so she can keep closer to the knights and buff 'em up.

    One thing I am not sure on is my Barons build. Got something better?

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    There are a lot of Lord builds, with the HKB duelling Lord one of the better, I think. You can find a dedicated thread to these builds.

    IMHO, I think your Grail unit may be a bit too large and draw all of the attention. If you cut it down and put your Lord and BSB to total nine, it will still have all of the fight it needs.

    Why the Paladin with the Questing Vow and the pegasus? Sure, he is a great guy to have, but I find three PKs are plenty to do what they need (attack warmachines, lone mages, rear attacks, etc.) and the character not being able to join the flyers just makes him a real target. For the points, just go ahead and have a second unit of three PKs if you think you need a second flying unit. They are great to have! Any more than three PKs in a unit I find a waste, since you can really only line up three along an edge (unless its against a horde) to fight.

    With the GK shave I would drop in at least one Treb (it only needs to hit once or twice to earn its points) or you may even be able to add another 6 lance unit of KEs. You will find that your lances MUST combo charge most enemies. I find hitting with a lance of 9 and a lance of 6 pretty powerful, especially if you can get one in the flank. Also, you really do not need a full command on these smaller lances (you get a free champ), but you may want to throw on the Errantry Banner for extra charge punch.

    It appears you have the Damsel with the Bowmen. I think she may be better suited on a regular horse inside a lance to give them the magical protection and get her out to do some good. Even your Prophetess could be fine on a normal horse inside a lance and save the warhorse points.

    Let us know how it goes and good luck!!
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    Hi there hope you well and welcome to brets

    I have to say in my opinion dont bother with grail knights they are way overpriced wor what you get. They are cool i love the idea of grail knight sadly they never really pay back the points you spend.

    Like MDSW said you don't really need the pali on the peg also your bsb needs to be better protected standard go to is charmed shield sword of might dawnstone sadly we still pay 10pts for the enchanted shield But that build gives you a 2+ and 2+ ward against first hit and re roll saves.

    I think that in this current edition its about bodies i think a Level 4 life, a level 2 beast and a pali bsb is enough characters at most another pali if you want but really the 3 do the job then blocks of knights i tend to go 12 and 6 to try break steadfast on my combo charges.

    Also i think it is essential at 2k plus 2 trebs they are possibly best points cost damage ratio war machine in the game at 90pts then 2 blocks of long bows with braziers the rest is knights and a unit of 3 pegs best tactic is hold back bring them to you and the counter charge i have found this works well for my bret list

    hope this helps and keep us informed

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