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    Bretonnia End Times storyline.

    So following a link in another thread, I came upon a rumor regarding the story of Bretonnia in the new Nagash: End Times book.

    "In Brettonia Mallobaude, the bastard son of Leoncouer, leads a joint army of disgraced knights and the undead (backed up by Arkhan of all people) kills his father."

    This totally original and in no way sounds like any other work of chivalric fiction... ever.... *cough cough*

    "The Green Knight takes off his helmet and is revealed as Giles le Breton returned (later in the sample it says he killed Mallobaude)"

    If true, this totally kicks ass! So what do my fellow grail companions think? If this becomes true fluff is it cool? Or do you hope its just another rumor? Discuss!(:

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    1) I have "Le Morte D'Arthur" sitting on my shelf, in French with English overleafs. Do not get me started on how much Bretonnia takes from Arthurian legend. After all, they did it intentionally...

    2) Mallobaude? There's a character in Mousillon who claims to be heir to the throne, but his name isn't Mallobaude (I'd have to find it later, girlfriend is sleeping in the bedroom with the bookcase). Not really a huge deal, but whatever.

    3) Keep in mind that the fiction for WHFB is technically all over the place. I haven't actually seen any of the new Nagash fluff, but it seems to be cranking the timeline forward a bit. Warhammer is locked in a "minutes to midnight" scenario - Archaon has been massing on the border for years now, and some of the timelines in the army books go much further than others. To make it even worse, some characters who were not alive in the same era are able to be fielded next to or across from one another.
    For instance, the Warriors of Chaos field Archaon at the height of his power, leading his Blades into battle against the Old World. The rest of the books all assume that this is about to happen. However, the "End Times" have already come once, and were played out in a global campaign with cannonical fluff - some of which was recorded in subsequent army books - and then it was all retconned.
    They're biling Nagash as the "end times" and it's odd to me. It should be Archaon. Nagash is powerful, but he's not the one who's going to end the world - only Chaos can do that. The idea of the end coming marching up from the South is rather anticlimactic - Nagash will rip through two armies that don't even exist (Southlands Skinks, and Border Princes aka Dogs of War) and a third which barely counts (Tomb Kings). Then he hits the Brets, Empire, never makes it Kislev and has to travel over the sea to reach Ulthuan, Lustria, and Nagaryth. So... not quite as EPIC as dropping Chaos on the entire civilized world from the poles.

    All of that said, I would really love to see something of an ongoing war erupt in Bretonnia for their next edition. Rather than a united kingdom, it would be cool to see Leonceur and this Mor-whatever fellow lining up allies and getting ready to 'duke' it out (puns aren't funny). More similar to Europe during that era. Anyways, if Leon dies, it would certainly make things interesting. I expect the Bret fluff to get a major shakedown when it comes back around. I just hope that they make it as awesome as the other armies, instead of such a blatant retelling of old Arthur legends.
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    Can't wait for the brets to be redone i will hopefully have my nagash books soon. Sounds like its going to be an intresting time for the warhammer world.

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