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    Age of Sigmar Pts Values!

    Hey guys - I've been doing a project to create a points formula for Age of Sigmar. The formula is completed (and very, very complicated), and you can find the discussion thread HERE.

    However, just to keep things neat and tidy, and get this stuff spread around as much as possible, here are the points values that the formula spits back for the Bret army. These points values are an optional way to balance your games rather than just "guessing" or using the 'Wounds-as-points' method that a lot of folks are using. If you still want to limit the army choices to "Core/Special/Rare" as in the old days, or limit the number of Keywords, you certainly may. I actually do not advise it, however, as the formula does not account for any kind of "Core Tax" or other limitations beyond the raw usefulness of the model. Here are the values. If you want the actual Warscrolls, you'll have to download them for free from our friends at GW.

    Bretonnian Lord = 374pts
    Pegasus, +6pts

    Paladin = 196pts

    Paladin Standard Bearer = 186pts

    Damsel of the Lady = 50pts
    Steed, 20pts
    Pegasus, 25pts

    Knight Errant = 25pts
    Cavalier, +6pts
    Banner, +10pts
    Trumpeter, +10pts

    Knight of the Realm = 28pts
    Gallant, +10pts
    Banner, +10pts
    Trumpeter, +10pts

    Questing Knight = 50pts
    Paragon, +17pts
    Banner, +10pts
    Lutist, +10pts

    Grail Knights = 50pts
    Banner, +10pts
    Trumpeter, +10pts

    Pegasus Knights = 58pts
    Gallant, +28pts
    Banner, +10pts
    Trumpeter, +10pts

    Battle Pilgrim = 5pts
    Grail Reliquae, +25pts

    Man At Arms = 6pts
    Warden, +2pts
    Banner, +10pts
    Drummer, +10pts
    Relic Bearer, +20pts

    Bowman = 7pts
    Villein (free)
    Drummer, +10pts
    Trumpeter, +10pts
    Stakes, +10pts
    Relic Bearer, +20pts
    Burning Braziers, +1pt/model

    Mounted Yeoman = 19pts
    Warden, +5pts
    Standard Bearer, +10pts
    Trumpeter, +10pts

    Field Trebuchet = 70pts

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    Pts Values for AoS here!

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