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    The game went today and looked like this: It was my 3.0 list and an Eldar Wratih list (Wraithknight, 3x Wraithlords, Wraithblades, Wraithguard with D, an Autarch and some Dire Avengers. We were against (my son) A White Scar bike army complete with grav spam, Librarian, Apothecary, Chapter Master with Shield eternal, Thunderhammer, Command Squad all with Storm Shields, two Storm talons and he had a Knight Errant as an ally. His partner was a Tau list with a Riptide and Stormsurge, a bunch of marker drones and some Crisis Suits (I think).

    First off, I roll crappy for just about everything; my warlord trait (which I rolled the same thing twice) was Soul Blaze on my attacks (yippie). I tried to get Cursed Earth on my LoC but to no avail. I tried to get Cursed Earth on some other units but again nothing. I ended up with Dark Flame on 3 units which was useless. I did get summoning by default which helped us immensely early on. One brief and shining moment was when my deep striking Herald on Disc got Prismatic Gaze. Even though I didn't get the +1 invulnerable save on my LoC, one of my greater rewards was in fact rerolling invulnerable saves.

    Early on, I summoned up a storm clogging up the middle with Flesh Hounds and Bloodletters. The Tau player actually targeted these units first and after I made lots of saves, he continued to shoot at this fodder. My partner just could not roll if his life depended on it. The good thing was my fodder targets ate so much firepower that it kept our other units safe. We got really lucky in our picks of Maelstrom cards early and racked up a lot of points.

    The game started to go against us when the grav ate up the Wraithlords. losing that kind of firepower and presence was not good. Also that round, the Wraithknight charged the Knight. My partner rolled lousy on his D hits and the Knight lived with one HP. The knight turned around and killed the Wraithknight outright. We managed to kill the Knight next round but the damage was done. The Stormsurge was the big winner by far doing most of the killing. I lost a Soul Grinder in turn 2 and 3.

    By turn 4 my Herald finally came in and bullseyed right beside the Stormsurge. I hit him with the Prismatic Gaze, but only rolled a 5 on the D chart. I put 2 wounds on him and in their turn they killed the Herald. That's all the damage we put on him. We had some tall line of sight blocking buildings that prevented the Stormsurge from hitting much of the right side of the board which helped. Unfortunately by turn 5, my partner was completely wiped out and I might have been too if I hadn't summoned so much. In turn 4, I intended to turn my remaining TzHerald into a Bloodthirster but I failed the psychic roll. I forgot I had Paradox on him and could have passed <face palm>. The Herald died shortly thereafter. My LoC tried to summon some Plague Drones hoping for them to zoom about quickly, but he failed to summon them with 8 dice.

    At the end no one had much left; the Eldar were gone, my son had one Storm Talon and his Chapter Master with one wound remaining. The Tau player had the Stormsurge, a few drones and some suits left and I had an uninjured LoC, some Flesh Hounds, one unit of 11 Pink Horrors and one Exalted Flamer. We won 9-8 in a blood bath.

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