I always go to my buddy's tournament as his "Odd man Out" in case there is uneven number of players. This year was a 1500 point tournament so I took the list below to it. For the first two games, I didn't play. But before the third round, one guy had to skate for a family emergency, so I busted the list out. I was up against an A-typical Tau list in which I can't even remember now. I really crushed him. Here's the list:


Lord of Change - 2x Greater Rewards, Impossible Robe, Psyker ML 3 - 320

Pink Horrors - 16x, No Upgrades - 144
Pink Horrors - 16x, No Upgrades - 144

Screamers - 3x - 75

Burning Chariot - No Upgrades - 100
Soul Grinder - Daemon of Tzeentch, Phlegm - 170
Soul Grinder - Daemon of Tzeentch, Phlegm - 170

Crimson Slaughter Formation

Disciples of Mannon

Sorcerer - Mark of Tzeentch, Psyker ML3, Burning Brand of Scalathrax, Daemonheart, Force Axe, Sigil of Corruption - 210

Possessed - 5x, Rhino - 165


I had the LoC try for the Warlord trait that adds +1 to it's invulnerable save. I took all Tzeentch psyker powers on him as well giving a good chance to get the D strength power. I got the Nova power which ruined my opponent's day.

The list by default generates 12 plus 1d6 warp charges out of the gate.

With the Disciples of Mannon formation, you roll two dice at the beginning of the game which is the Prophecy of Mannon. At any time during the game, if your opponent ever rolls that exact dice combination on two dice (any two die roll such as an assault 2 weapon, move through cover, melta penetration roll etc), you get a free summon of Daemons. 1-3 Summon 10 Pink Horrors, 4-5 Summon either 3 Flamers or 3 Screamers or 6 Summon a Lord of Change!