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Thread: plague monks

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    plague monks


    iv'e recently got into sigmar. My army is nurgle/skaven. I've recently brought the skaven pestilens start collecting set. I have 20 plague monks. I know 5 or more form a unit. so i could in effect have 4 units of 5 monks. My question however is this.. Is there a limit to how many icon bearers/ harbingers/ bringer of the word you can have? i.e. if i combined all monks into 1 unit, could i have 4 icon bearers, 4 harbingers etc? I know certain units state 1 icon bearer per 10 models etc. However i see no such explanation on this set. Im also presuming as they are a 5 plus unit then u could have 1 bearer per every 5. however i could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Hey K8te, welcome to LO! Sorry if replies are a little slow around here, we're still getting our folks trickling back in for AoS after the WHFB mass-exodus.

    As for your question, you're right - there is technically no limit. It might be a little silly to see a whole unit of icons running about, but you could. If I recall however, the bonuses don't stack, and you get to choose which models are pulled as casualties, so you don't really need more than one of each.

    Traditionally, units only get 1 banner, 1 champion, and 1 musician. There's word afoot about an official "competition rules" or "balance rules" coming from GW, but we aren't sure of a timeline yet. Additionally, some of the fan-rules for balancing the game also place limits on command options. To play it safe, I'd stick to 1 per unit (remember, you can have 5+ models per unit) and just remove them last, as casualties.

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    Most of the warscrolls I've seen allow you to have any number of banners/musicians, but you get the same benefits so long as you have at least one banner/musician anyway, so there's no extra gain to be had.

    I figure it means that you could sprinkle a few banners around, so you don't get torn between removing a particular model for some strategic reason and it being your banner bearer.

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