I will be attending a tournament febuary 23rd and im making up a daemons of chaos list. This list is to show now mercy and be very competitive.

Lord (total 500

Bloodthirster- 500
  • Fire Axe
  • Immortal Fury
Heros (total- 480

H of Tzeentch- 140 (Light)
  • Master of Sorcery
H of Tzeentch- 140 (maybe life? not sure)
  • Mastery of Sorcery
H of Khorne- 200
  • bsb
  • Great Icon of Despair
Troops ( total- 732

Bloodletters- 612 (H of K in here)
  • 49 of them
  • Champ, Standard
Pink Horrors- 120 (both heralds go in here)
  • 10 of them
Special (total- 175)

Flesh Hounds- 175
  • 5 of them
Rare (total- 110

Fiend of Slaanesh- 55
Fiend of Slaanesh- 55

Total- 1997

So the plan is the unit of Pink horrors stays right behind the bloodletters and constantly boosts the unit. the flesh hounds and blood thirster protect the flanks of the big unit of blood letters. The fiends of slaanesh are used to hunt warmachines or the odd wizard. The banner of great despair helps to make units fail fear tests and terror tests. Let me know what you think thanks!!