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    2500 tourney list no special character

    Trying to make a really competitive list

    papa nurgle (580)
    - lvl 4
    - exalted gift (tome)
    - lesser gift (flail probably… depends on what I roll)

    Nurgle Herald (195)
    - lvl 1
    - regen loci
    - bsb

    Plague babies (672)
    -49 with full command
    - horde formation

    Special (600)
    3 units of bonbons (Beasts of Nurgle)
    1. unit of 1 (solo, chaff, pivot all day)
    2. unit of 3
    3. unit of 4 (block cannon shots for GUO // rape or hold stuff)

    2 units of Chaos Furies
    - both are unmarked with 5 models per (warmachine hunting)

    Rare (460)
    skull cannon

    soul grinder (hopefully enemy will be shooting at this rather than my GUO // kick back and throw stones until I can get flank charge)
    - nurgle
    - claw
    - stone thrower

    total: 2497

    different version of this list… everything is the same except
    instead of GUO its DP with lvl 4, flight, and exalted gift (tome) - 510
    heroes (same)
    core (659)
    instead of 49 plaguies its 48
    special (660)
    2 units of 4 BoN and 1 unit of 1 BoN
    Same amount of chaos furies
    rare (470)
    2 skull cannons instead of 1 (whats better than 1 skull cannon?)

    1 unit of 3 plague drones (full command) with poison on drones instead of soul grinder

    total: 2494

    questions about which lore to use…
    GUO would be death or Nurgle
    nurgle is so appealing because of augments like extra regen, poison on 5+, etc. but death has purple sun… what is your opinion?

    herald will always have nurgle lore

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    Well, if you want a list that will stomp the big meta lists from WoC/DE's and also be able to not auto-draw/lose to those HE b******'s, then you need the following:

    Keeper w/Lv4 (lore of Slaanesh) + Eternal Beatstick + Lesser Gift

    Tzherald w/Lv2 (Metal) + Exalted Locus
    Tzherald w/Lv2 (Metal) + Exalted Locus (optional if pts allow)

    Exalted Flamer
    Exalted Flamer
    Exalted Flamer
    Exalted Flamer

    15 Horrors w/full command + Lichbone Banner (this is your Gateway unit - roll their spell last!)
    10 Horrors
    10 Horrors
    10 Horrors

    2x solo Beast
    4-6 Beast brick for smashing things
    3 Flamers
    3 Flamers
    5 Furies w/MoK (S5 chaff removers is stupid-good!)
    5 Furies w/MoK

    4-5 Drones w/poisoned attacks upgrade for Rotflies

    Nurgle Wall is easy for the current top armies to crush... Elves run circles around you, WoC fight better than you, and Death/Shadow/Light magic owns you badly.

    The Kipper is essential for nuking any HE player running BotWD. It turns an otherwise unfair game into at least the chance for gaining a Turn 1 victory by virtue of Cacobombing the elves right off the bat. 6 dice the area effect version of the spell and hope for IF - if it works, you insta-nuke ALL their chaff that's in range, remove a rank here and there AND destroy their movement for the rest of the game! (that 1 lost turn of 'random movement D6' is enough of an edge to control the game from turn 2 on)

    Horrors are actually our best Core option right now...
    Minimum 10-wound Lv1 wizards who can bring both Firestorm + Gateway for easy lore attribute abuse and grow their numbers insanely fast. Firestorm will take care of T3 hordes, while Gateway demolishes armoured units.
    Thanks to the range of their spells, they can also happily dance around outside of charge ranges by simply backing off each turn.
    Tzheralds would like to roll up Treason for Ld-bombing shenangians - which by extension also gives you yet another tool for dealing with BotWD units and/or Deathstars in general. (ie: combo Treason + Phantasmagoria for hilarious results!)

    The new Exalted Flamers make Flamers themselves viable, even if it's only to give the Exalts the ability to march & fire their grapshots/template shot each turn.
    These 3 Flamers + 2 Exalts mini-units are going to become a staple for us in super competitive play... (well, at least until Swedish Comp/ETC nerf the crap out of them...)

    'Drones are a real hidden gem of our book. Decently fast for a Nurgle unit and hard hitting with T5/5++ for defense. A good unit to make use of the Banner of E.Flame should you fear a lot of Regen enemies.

    I know this is nothing like your original list, but the truth is our book is very, very limited in highly competitive play due to things like Chariot/Chimera/Skullcrusher WoC, Brolockstars, Witch Elves/Dark Rider spam, BotWD, Light Councils, Lore of Death/Shadow, etc...

    The meta overall has adapted to Khurgle Wall, which also has massive issues with HE's and their banner unit. Thus, we tend to gravitate towards an MMUM/MSU mono-Slaanesh, or something similar to the above.

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    Haha ahhh dang it... I have to buy so much more now. Haha I thought I was done with daemons :T

    Anyway I will try this build out by proxy tonight to see how it goes.

    If this goes well... All my time painting the plague bearer and other nurgle stuff has been wasted lol I want this build to be bad but at the same time I want it to be amazing cause I'm so sick of winning 50% of my games and barely at that...

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