So, I'm venturing into Dwarves, and the thing I like the most about them is the slayers. They are just really cool. As such I decided that the best way to embrace that is to build a list around Ungrim Ironfist. Now I listed the army as friendly because I know it's not hyper competitive, and that's fine. I do want it to be more than just a neat theme and have it work though, so comments are welcome.

Ungrim Ironfist

Dragon Slayer (MRoSwift, RoSx2)
Thane (BSB, Shield, MRoGrug, Stoicism, Ancestor Rune)
Runesmith (RoFortx2, Spellbreaking, Shield)

45 Longbeards (Shields, Full Command, RoStrollaz)

38 Ironfist Slayers (Giant Slayer RoMight, Standard, RoSlowx3, Musician)

17 Irondrakes (Standard RoSlowx2, Ironwarden w/ Cinderbombs)

Total: 2496