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    Different army configuration

    141 Thane [GEN]
    Great Weapon, Rune of Iron, Rune of Stone, [3] Rune of Warding

    96 Runesmith
    Great Weapon, Rune of Stone, Rune of Spellbreaking

    156 Thane [BSB]
    Great Weapon, Master Rune of Grungi

    250 Warriors [23] [GEN here]
    Great Weapons, Standard, Musician

    250 Warriors [23] [RS here]
    Great Weapons, Standard, Musician

    323 Hammerers [17] [BSB here]
    Standard, Master Rune of Groth One-eye

    80 Gyrocopter

    80 Gyrocopter

    80 Gyrocopter

    80 Gyrocopter

    330 Irondrakes [18]
    Standard, [2] Rune of Slowness

    125 Gyrobomber

    Ideas here were to make a ring of 4 copters and 1 bomber with lanes to flank charge through. The flyers are stubborn as long as they are within 12" and have a 5++ within 6" of Hammerer unit, so they should be hard to remove. I just look forward to the moment when someone charges the flyers with a big full command unit, do 2 wounds, and I say well you really beat me there but I'm stubborn and re-roll break tests. However I'm going to hit you next turn with strength 6+ on my turn. I did opt out of warmachines because obviously they will not be able to keep up. C&C welcome.

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