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Librarium Online - Warhammer 40k & Warhammer Fantasy Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

General Forum Rules

No Spamming
Spamming is nonsense posts that add nothing to the discussion in the thread. Librarium-Online does not tolerate these sorts of posts and moderators have the freedom to remove them. To avoid your posts from being deleted; don’t spam!

No Flaming or Trolling
Flaming and trolling will not be tolerated. Flaming is verbally attacking another member and/or posting deliberately hostile and inflammatory threads or comments for the purpose of offending other members. Trolling and flamebaiting is the posting of useless comments for the purpose of provoking an angry response by upsetting and insulting other members and/or disrupting an ongoing discussion.

Posts that are found to be flaming and/or trolling will be deleted and the poster banned. Members contacting other members for the purpose of flaming or trolling them by PM or e-mail will also be banned at the discretion of the moderators.
No Harassment
Members of Librarium-Online deserve to be able to post and interact on our forums free of prejudice and harassment from other members. Personal insults and similar offensiveness do not belong here! This also includes unwelcome sexual innuendoes, prejudicial comments related to race, gender, and sexual preference, and generally anything that is uncomfortable for another party.

People are different, some take offense easier than others, so do not judge others by your own standards! If they ask you to stop doing something, stop it!

Again, if you do not know where the borderline is from what is acceptable and what is not, then feel free to check with one of the moderators/administrators beforehand. Better safe than sorry!

No Copyright Material
It is strictly forbidden to post, request, offer copies of, or suggest methods for illegally acquiring any copyrighted material without written permission from the original author and/or copyright owner. Violation of this rule will have the post deleted and your warning status increased. Further violations will mean a temporary or permanent ban from the Librarium Online forum at the discretion of the moderators. This applies to any and all Games Workshop publications, including but not limited to: Codices, Rule Books, Army Books, and White Dwarf. Specifically concerning Army Lists, posters may include the point costs for full units, but may not include individual costs or stat lines for models, equipment or upgrades.

Parts of texts copied to underline a post or clarify a rule or similar uses, are - of course - acceptable!

In addition, the copyrighted material rule also applies to descriptions/depictions of casting methods or other means of creating fraudulent copies of Games Workshop sprues and models, as well as to plasticard templates, e.g. rhinos and drop pods. This rule applies to other, similar vendors; such as Forge World, Privateer Press, etc. Links to authentic Games Workshop FAQs or rules on the GW site or any of its subsidiaries (e.g. Specialist Games) are allowed as long as those links comply with GW's own rules.

Please remember that the owner of the site is responsible for keeping it within the rules, and posting of these items puts them at risk and would force them to face the consequences for your wrongdoings, so do not take this lightly!

No advertisement
Please refrain from posting advertisements for websites, companies, and organisations which make profit through sales or donations. Librarium Online has an Advertisement System, located here, where such websites and companies can buy proper ad space on Librarium Online. All improper ads will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

Banning Policy
Here at Librarium-Online we enforce a Three Strike rule. Each member may receive two infractions/warnings in a month’s period, should they receive a third then they are temporary banned for one week. Should they be banned for a second time within three months then the ban will be increased to a month’s ban. One further ban will result in the member being permanently banned from the forums. However, we would like to remind members that these are just guidelines and each case is looked at individually.

The rewarding of warnings/infractions are at the discretion of the moderators. And should a member feel that they have wrong been rewarded a warning/infraction then they are free to contact a moderator higher up the chain (usually a supermod or a supervisor) to argue their case.

Contacting the Moderation Team
If you are in doubt of any of the above or posts then please contact one of the moderator team for clarification. LO has four levels of moderators. These are:
  • Administrator (Red)
  • Supervisor (Purple)
  • Supermod (Blue)
  • Moderator (Green)

This is best done in private, done via a private message. To message a moderator: click on their name and select ‘Private Message’. If you are contacting them over a topic, please include a link to the topic or post(s) in question for ease.

Also, to make a moderator aware of a specific post that may defy the content or placement rules, click on the report button, to send a report to the moderators.
It looks like the circled icon in this image:

It acts like a Private Message to all moderators and points out to them the post in question.

Using LO

On LO we have a number of rules or guidelines which we expect each and every member to uphold with their posting.

English only
The common language shared by our members is English and we expect all members to write their posts in English to facilitate communication and moderation, even if this is not their native language. Please note that there is a very limited number of threads exempted from this rule by prior arrangement with the moderator team; if you would like to start a thread in your native language, please create a group in the social group area or use your LO blog. This is an international forum where english is the primary language. Please try make your post easy to read. You can also use a spellchecker if you want to get it 100%.

Use the correct subforums
Please post the right subjects in the right subforums. This is a simple premise and aids the moderators and members in quick and easy location of information. Threads that are not in the right areas will be summarily moved at the discretion of the moderators.

Use the search function
Do use the forum's search function, located in the top bar also containing the link to your "User CP", before making a new thread. New members often ask questions which have been answered many times before, and doing a quick search will prevent unnecessary repetition of frequently asked questions which often only serves to annoy the regular members and makes them less willing to reply in a helpful manner. If a search does not provide the answer you're looking for, then go ahead and post your question.

Only one personal account
One person, one account. You have full responsibility for the use of your personal account and will be held accountable for all misuse. Violation of forum rules allegedly committed by smaller siblings, best mates, your mother, etc., are not excusable and will be reprimanded according to the forum rules at the discretions of the moderators. If you have multiple accounts we can merge them for you on request. If you forget your password, want a new nickname, have posting problems, etc., please contact a supervisor or administrator by PM.

Images must be a maximum of 700 pixels wide
Failure to abide by this rule may result in the image being changed to a link or, in the case of multiple images, the entire post being edited.

Put close dates on your polls
Poll must be posted with a reasonable closing date on them, two to three weeks is plenty for the vast majority of polls. Moderators do not have the time to go around adding close dates to polls because you couldn't be bothered to do it yourself. Threads containing polls without close dates will be locked and/or deleted, at the discretion of the moderator.

Treat personal information as secret
Real-life personal information is to be divulged only at the discretion or with the permission of the person to whom the information is relevant.

Forum age rating is 13
LO is meant to be a nice and friendly site with a PG to PG-13 rating. Be aware that the forum is frequented by members of all ages, nationalities, religions, and genders, and behave accordingly. We do not tolerate abuse or mockery toward other members or moderators, nor flaming or flame-baiting. Swearing is not allowed; though we have a language filter, this is not an excuse for you to swear. Bypassing the filter by use of alternative spelling is not tolerated and will have your post edited/removed and your warning status increased at the discretion of the moderators.

In addition, the posting of graphic material of either a macabre or pornographic nature, racism and/or sick jokes fall into this category and are not permitted. As are any threads/posts dealing with real life politics, sex or "recreational" drugs, blasphemy or theological flamewars will be locked and/or deleted.

We allow images in signatures here on but please do not abuse this. For the sake of bandwidth and people with slower connections please limit any images in your signature to less than 30Kb and 150 pixels high with NO exceptions. If you notice someone with a large signature please report it to a moderator. This is very important and slower users can find it very frustrating.

The moderators also reserve the right to ask members whose signatures combine both images and text to edit them if they are considered to be too large.

The following topics are banned from signatures:
  • Pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive images, language etc. This may include racist remarks, slander etc...
  • If the avatar/signature is overly distracting, ie. bright flashing colors, animated sigs (i.e. GIF's/Flash)
  • No audio. These are distracting for our members.
  • Do not use your signature to link to pages that contain objectionable material. This includes, warez, crackz, pornography etc...
  • Signature links of a malicious nature. e.g. those that crash your browser, trigger popup floods or emulate BSOD's.

Reviving topics, a.k.a. Necromancy
A new user may come across an old topic (say, a few months old) and find that it's an interesting one. There is, of course, the urge to speak your mind in that thread. Please do not: it's annoying for other regulars to suddenly come across a topic of discussion that has long since been discussed to death. This does seem to conflict with the searching rule of etiquette, but that's not the case. If it's an old topic and you have more to add, simply create a new post, provide a link to the old one (if you think it's necessary), and make your statement. Make sure that you are saying something new, though! We're internet users, we get bored easily.

The Private Message function exists for private communication between members, and is a useful tool for people who want to discuss some other matter more privately. Not only that, but if a user has found a comment (or avatar or signature) of yours to be offensive, they may Private Message (PM) you to ask that you change it. Also, the site's moderators sometimes see the need to have a private talk with one of the users if that user has stepped out of line. Warnings are also sent to users via PM. Moderators do not tolerate the excuse that "I didn't receive the PM" - we assume that you check your PMs every time you log on (which we assume to be about once every 24 hours).
The PM function may be found under the “Notifications” pull down menu in the top bar. Your new messages are in the Inbox, PMs you have sent and have been read are in the Sent Box, PMs you have sent but are still unread are in the Out Box, and saved PMs are in the Saved Box.
Also, sometimes Moderators or Admins will find it necessary to e-mail you at your provided e-mail address. This will most often be notification if you have been banned from the site. Make sure that your e-mail address is valid, because we cannot be responsible for tracking you down otherwise!

Moderator Accountability
We would also like to remind you of the fact that the moderators too must abide by these rules and if you have a problem with a moderator then please send a Private Message to the administrators (preferably King Ulrik Flamebeard or Rork as they are online the most) and they will deal with the issue in an impartial way. If one of the said persons (Kuffy or Rork) are the ones you have problem with PM the other or Blackhat.

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